Additional services

doggy day care


·  $20/day for 1 dog

·  $28/day for 2 dogs in same family

·  $35/day for 3 dogs in same family

·  Day Care is only offered on a limited basis on Tuesdays and Fridays only between 7am-6pm.  Full day accommodations only available (no ½ day rates).

·  All dogs must have a meet & greet prior to being accepted into day care services. 

·  Stay tuned for plans to increase days 2020 and beyond!

Stop in visits


·  $18/30 minute visit within the Janesville/Milton area (up to 2 animals)

·  This visit can include a 15-20 minute walk if needed. 

·  Please note that pricing may change for more than 2 animals or for extended driving. 

·  We can also work with you to bring in your mail, turn on the evening lights or even pick up your Amazon deliveries!

Pick up & drop off services


Running late for the airport or wanting to have your dog home when you return from a long trip?  We know that sometimes getting ready for vacation is hectic!  Let us assist you by setting up a mutually good time to pick up your pooch and transport him to the Inn.

Add $10 each for pick up or drop off to your reservations and we will take care of the rest!

·Service only available in the Milton, Janesville, Edgerton areas. Please note that rates may increase due to extensive driving distance.

Bath (shampoo only, no cut or groom; pricing begins at $20) – We aren’t professional groomers, but if you want your pooch to have a fresh bath and smell nice before your return, let us know to add that to your account!  What a great feeling coming home to a freshly washed/brushed pooch.