Angela Haase

 It was RickyBobbys first time being away from us. It was so comforting knowing he was getting as many snuggles at the Inn as he does at home. Jolyn sent me pictures while we were away too and he looked so happy ! Would definitely recommend ! 


Christine Dohner

I had a last minute need for someone to watch my dog and JoLynn was able to take him into her home and I was able to enjoy my weekend without worrying. We also used their in home services this past weekend when we were going to be gone for an extended time so we had JoLynn come over and feed the dogs, took them for a walk and made sure they were all settled for the night. Again, we were able to enjoy our event without worrying about running home to let them out.

Knowing that your fur babies are well cared for is priceless and JoLynn and her team love each dog that they care for like they were their own.

Thanks for having this service and thank you for loving animals


Melissa Dybas

 Leaving our dogs when we traveled was so hard before, but then we found Jolynn and Kip’s White Dog Inn, it was SUCH a relief. Our two dogs LOVE when JoLynn comes to care for them. We come back to calm and relaxed dogs, which is amazing because they used to get so stressed when we would travel. Plus, we often get pictures of them when we are gone! We love that! It is a lifesaver to have safe, reliable and loving pet care. We call Jolynn the “dog whisperer” because they are so well behaved for her. We really appreciate that she treats our dogs as well as she treats her own. Macy and Coco say “thanks a bunch!”