Kip's White Dog Inn LLC

About the Inn

Welcome to Kip's White Dog Inn LLC!  

September 2019, the Burden family took ownership of the former Manogue Road Kennels.  JoLynn purchased the facility from Cindy Busch who owned it for over 20 years.  JoLynn and her family are excited to carry on the tradition of personalized, knowledgeable care for your 4 legged family members.  Kip's White Dog Inn has been serving in-home clients since February 2018 and they are now excited to expand and manage a kennel facility offering more services to their clients.   



Kip's White Dog Inn is located on a secluded and spacious 5 acre property.  The Inn is a live-on premise facility, allowing for round-the-clock care and supervision during your pet's stay.  We are a family owned medium size facility which allows us to provide personalized care and individual attention to your family member making their stay enjoyable. 



The Inn has 17 indoor temperature-controlled kennels that each have their own access to an individualized outdoor run through a doggy door.  All buildings have radiant floor heating for comfort during colder months and air conditioning during warmer months.  Ceiling fans, windows for fresh air and exhaust fans provide constant air circulation for our guests.  All kennels have insulated dog doors separating indoor/outdoor runs.  K9Grass artificial turf is located in three areas providing a clean and safe potty environment for your dog.  A large, outdoor fenced-in area is available to stretch their legs, exercise their sniffer or play ball!  Kuranda beds are available upon request offering orthopedic, off the ground support (no extra charge).  Calming music plays in each kennel building daily and nightly treats are provided.  Metal bowls are provided for food and water in each kennel. Photo updates are sent upon request.  


About the Owners

JoLynn grew up in Beloit and lived in Janesville for over 18 years before heading to Milton in 2019.  She has 2 teenage children who you will see on property helping out.  Booker & Callie both attend Milton High School and are active in sports.  Their family has been a foster home for Paddy's Paws Rescue for over 3 years where they have welcomed over 70 dogs through their home on their journey to an adoptive home.  JoLynn has trained 3 therapy dogs and spent countless hours volunteering with them at schools, nursing homes and hospitals.  She and her daughter are both certified in Canine CPR.  Their fur crew includes 4 golden retrievers and a special needs dog - 3 were adopted from Paddy's Paws.  Owning a small business was not always in her dreams, but finding a pathway to working with animals has always been in her heart.  JoLynn has extensive professional background in management, community development, leadership, strategic planning and non-profit organizational work.  


The story behind the name...

Many have asked about the story behind the name...


Kip, an English Cream Golden Retriever, blessed our home & touched our lives for 32 months.  We all have stories of that "perfect" dog...and for us it was our Kip.  From early on, we knew he was special.  Flying through multiple training courses with ease and at the age of 1 year and 1 day, he became a certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International.  He routinely brightened the day for residents at senior living facilities, youth programs, hospitals and area schools.  He was a monthly guest at Huntington Place Senior Living in Janesville where he visited with residents and had fabulous friends in the alzheimer’s wing who would smile ear to ear after his visits. In 2011, we lost him after a quick, but intense health battle.  He had the best care at UW Veterinary Hospital where they removed one of his lungs due to a mass growth.  During recovery, the vets referred to him as a "miracle dog" as he fought for his life & conquered the odds against what the vets called a very mysterious, possibly 'rare' form of cancer.  Unfortunately, the mass returned & at 2.5 years old his fight would end. He was our "perfect" dog and I have always known that one day, he would be honored. 
The White Dog Inn is a nod to him & all of the "perfect" dogs in your homes.

Services provided by the inn


Kennel Boarding

Kennel Boarding

Kennel Boarding

We offer 3 temperature controlled kennel buildings that have 17 individual kennels.  Each designated kennel area has a doggy door for outdoor access to an individual run.  Outdoor runs provide both sun and covered areas for shade. Kennel sizes for large dogs range from 4x7' to 6.5x7'.  Kennels sizes for small to medium dogs range from 3x5' to 5x5'.  

All buildings have radiant floor heat, air conditioning, windows and exhaust fans that provide comfort for anytime of year.  Dogs are let out a minimum of 4 times a day to a large exercise area or K9 artificial turf potty areas.  Kuranda beds are available upon request and metal water/food bowls are provided.  Daily walks are available upon request on the 5 acre property (no additional charge).

1 dog per kennel - $22/day

2 dogs sharing kennel - $28/day (same family)

3 dogs sharing kennel - $34/day (same family)


In-Home Boarding

Kennel Boarding

Kennel Boarding

Where your dog feels at home!  If your pooch is dog social, potty trained and a good house guest (no chewing or marking issues) consider reserving a spot for him/her on the couch in our home and the new Lodge Dog Room!  A large fenced in area is available for lots of outdoor play during their stay.  Space is very limited and all dogs must complete an enrollment evaluation prior to a secured reservation.  

1 dog - $30/day

2 dogs (same family) - $45/day

3 dogs (same family) - $50/day


Doggy Daycare

Kennel Boarding

Doggy Daycare

Daycare is temporarily expanded and offering services Monday thru Friday during the COVID-19 epidemic.  Daycare is a great way to socialize and exercise your dog in a safe and supervised environment.  All dogs must complete and be approved through an enrollment evaluation.  Dogs also must be neutered/spayed and UTD on vaccinations.  A 6' fully fenced in yard with a double gate access is used as an extension to our home.  Dogs get supervised outdoor play time and indoor quiet time throughout the day. Daycare is available 7am - 5:30pm Monday through Friday. 

1 dog - $20/day

2 dogs (same family) - $30/day

3 dogs (same family) - $38/day


Cat Boarding

Pick Up / Drop Off

Doggy Daycare

Cats are welcome in our home and enjoy a 'catio' type enclosure for boarding.  They will also have daily free roam activity if they are dog social.  Enclosure is 43" wide x 65" tall and can easily board 2 cats from the same family.  Hammock, toys and litter provided. 

1 cat - $12/day

2 cats (same family) - $18/day

3 cats (same family) - $24/day



Stop In Services

Pick Up / Drop Off

Pick Up / Drop Off

Gone for the day, a quick weekend or for an extended stay but your dog/cat prefers the comforts of your home?  We can help!  Up to a 30 minute stop-in visit may include a 10-20 minute walk, feeding, cat litter box cleaning, pick up mail service, turn on interior/exterior lights and general safety walk through of home while you are away.  Rate is for up to 2 animals within Milton, Janesville & Edgerton areas.  Rate may increase due to extensive driving distance, over 2 animals or extended visit. 

$18/up to a 30 minute visit


Pick Up / Drop Off

Pick Up / Drop Off

Pick Up / Drop Off

Running late for the airport or want to have your dog home when you return from a long trip?  We can help!  Add $10 each for pick up or drop off to your stay and we will take care of the rest.  Service is available in Milton, Janesville and Edgerton areas.  Rates may increase due to extensive driving distance. 

$10 pick up

$10 drop off 


Dog Baths & Basic Grooming

Dog Baths & Basic Grooming

Dog Baths & Basic Grooming

Have you ever wanted to pick up your dog after a long kennel stay and wish they smelled like a fresh clean dog?  Now you can add a bath to the end of your stay and your pooch will be cuddle ready!  We also offer basic groom/trims.  Please inquire at drop off and secure your bath or groom reservation!

Baths can range from $20-$40 per dog

Bath with Basic Groom can range from $40-$80 per dog



We know some times things change and you have to cancel your reservations.  We just kindly ask that you let us know as soon as you can so that we can make accommodations to attempt to re-book your reserved spot.  Many times we have guests on waiting lists that can be contacted.  

Weekend and holiday cancellations under a 48 hour notice may be subject to a cancellation fee.  


Required Vaccinations

All dogs must be up to date on their rabies, distemper and kennel cough (bordetella).  Cats must have rabies & distemper. 

Proof of current vaccinations will be kept on file and must be updated annually.  Additional daily medications can be administered at no extra charge to daily fee. 

Contact Us

Send Message: please provide dog's name, breed, age, size and requested reservation dates

Kip's White Dog Inn LLC

2400 East Manogue Road, Milton, Wisconsin 53563, United States

608.868.3007 (leave voicemail) 608.295.4337 (text available)

Pick Up & Drop Off Times 7 Days a Week:

7 - 8:30am; 12 - 1pm; 4 - 6pm

*other times may be available by appointment only (text 608.295.4337)

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